2020s interiors trends: Goodbye millennial pink and hygge, hello art deco and classic blue

Some decades manifest their very selves in the form of interiors. It’s hard to conjure up an image of the 1970s that doesn’t involve shag pile carpets and brown swirly wallpaper, for example. What of the teenies, then? We round up what might one day be considered the classic styles of the decade, and predict what they might be swapped out for in the 2020s.

Millennial pink for blue

That shade of pepto-bismol pink was everywhere in the latter part of the 2010s, but it’s now all about the much more grown-up classic blue, which was just named Pantone colour of the year for 2020.

Bare bulbs for rooflights

The hanging, shade-less bulbs known as Edison bulbs once gave your home a rustic, warehouse feel, but now they’re all over your co-working office too it’s time to move on. The natural illumination offered by rooflights and lightwells is “extremely popular at the moment,” says Nick Stuttard, co founder of designer London Projects.

Metro tiles for huge tiles

Massive tiles up to three metres wide were a hit at this year’s design festivals, says Alice Simmons of Make architects. Designers will be “creating tiles that look like real marble or stone but are actually made from more durable porcelain and to much larger proportions than ever before,” she says. It’s a nice change from the ubiquitous white, rectangular tiles that now adorn the bathroom of every gastro pub within the M25.

Hygge for art deco

The 2010s have been emotional, and sometimes all we wanted was to forget our troubles with a chunky knit blanket and some vanilla candles. Now, we’ll be hiding from the world in glam art deco surroundings instead. “It’s all about great angles and velvet – keep the furniture dark and the walls light,” says Dawn Kitchener, managing director at Blocc Interiors. This vintage look will be complemented by the resurgence of curves, in everything from sofas to staircases.

Macramé for fancy details

Macrame was the way to add a bit of boho charm to a room in the 2010s. Now we’ll be jazzing up our soft furnishings instead, according to Charu Gandhi, founder of interiors studio Elicyon. “Layering trims and fringing to curtains and commissioning elaborate embroidery and beadwork to our cushions and throws adds heaps of personality,” she says.

Washed out for bold

For walls, say goodbye to wishy-washy neutrals. Julian Prieto, head designer at MyEdge2.com, says dyed and painted concrete will be used to create bold, vivid feature walls. “Expect warm earth tones or punchy, absinthe green and strengthened pastels,” he says. “Washed out, is most definitely out in 2020.”

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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